Losing weight with running


Running is the popular and ideal exercise people often choose to lose weight and gain many other benefits. Running requires strong movements of the muscles and have many challenges and exciting points during running process even if you do alone or with a group.

running1Nowadays people often choose activities of running for losing weight. It’s popular that you can gain the large result with the cheap fee or you simply enjoy running on the streets. However it’s important to test your physical health conditions before starting any running programs, especially you are overweight or suffer from the potential sickness. That helps to control the level of practicing and avoid injuries during running process. If your conditions are safe for running, it’s a right time for doing now.

The suitable equipment

With running, you need only the basic equipments to start the program. The good shoes are important as well as the comfortable clothes so that you can run in the safe and suitable states.

  • The equipment you need to run is the sport shoes. They can protect you from injuries of feet and muscles if you fall down.
  • You must pay attention to the clothes for running. It’s important that you are comfortable and flexible in wearing these clothes. Wear the suitable outfits depending on the seasons, for instance sweaters in the winter and shorts in the summer.

The running programfood_pyramid

Before starting, you must consider the personal purposes and healthy conditions to create the suitable program. In cases you start running because you want to lose the weight and also keep the fit body shape, you must keep the healthy food and avoid overeating after practicing.

To avoid eating too much, you can drink a lot of water during the running process so you aren’t hungry after finishing. If you have a habit of eating desserts, replace candies and cakes with fruit and vegetables. Types of healthy drinks are good too, like tea, coffee, and fruit juice.

Losing weight means that you must keep the healthy meals and often practice to burn the fat in your body. To gain the best performance, you need to notify the important factors including speed, time, strong movements, and environment. The faster you run the more efficient you can burn the excess fat in your body.

If you are overweight or bad in sports, starting with the quantity about half a mile every day. The quality of the journey is very different between running inside and outside. It’s more efficient to run up to the hills that you have to pass more challenges than running on the straight flat streets.

The right program is the most important factor deciding the efficiency of losing weight. Running programs are different from other sports so most beginners often make a mistake of creating the practicing levels.

  • People often overdo in the beginning because they hope to lose the weight quickly. You should not practice in that way since you will suffer from muscle problems later. Start running about 30 minutes daily or three times a week then increase the time in the later times depending your development.
  • The common errors are maintain the same level for a long time of running. That creates the boring of practicing and also no results of losing weight in the later time. Adding the extra miles can lead the exciting and desires of winning and improve the healthy conditions. Thus, losing weight can be efficient constantly during the program.
  • It’s suitable that you increase 10% of the original distance every week, for instance you are running 10 miles in this week, you can run 11 miles in the next week. This method helps to improve the performance as well as avoiding risks of muscles injuries.


The environment

Running outside is the good choice since you can enjoy the nature surrounding and also make new friends. If you want the professional program for losing weight, register to local clubs to receive the useful advices and lessons.


It’s interesting that you attend to a running group or find a partner running together with you. If you want to practice alone, wear a headphone to enjoy music during running process. All of these suggestions are efficient to keep running daily so you are not boring and don’t lose the goals in the midway.

Now you have learned the basic information of running, you can start creating the suitable running program. This is one of the most popular sports for losing weight and many other benefits  if you do regularly. Ask the advice from the expert and your doctor to ensure the safety during practicing.