Over the past decades, baseball and softball bats are dramatically changed in the way it is designed. They are not just made from aluminum but also other materials such as composite known to let the ball jump off the bat easily. There are strict regulations that softball bats can be used depending different age levels.

This article is going to give you the overall view of how to measure a human body for the best softball bats. Although there are many different ways you can use to measure the softball bat length, we suggest the best way is to choose the one giving you the most comfortable swinging feeling. The general rule is not to let more than one inch. You can then be easier with the adjustment of your bat without changing the swinging action. If you are new to this type of game, then you should follow steps of measuring yourself properly.

How to measure yourself for a softball bat


  • Make sure your arm is straightened out to one arm side and measure from your chest center to your index finger tip.
  • Put the bat knob in front of your chest center while letting the bat face outward, if your arm can reach out and grab the bat barrel, then you can determine the right size.
  • Put the pat to one side when the palm reaches the bat handle, then it is also the one for you.


How to measure your children for a softball bat

If you want your kids get acquainted themselves with this exciting sport, then the measuring process will be a bit different. If your little player is between 3 and 3.4 inches. Then a bat of 26 inches is ideal and increase 1 inch for each 4 or 5 inches of their growth. The following steps are much ideal for the process of determining the bat size for your kids.

  • Measure your kid’s height based on his baseball cleats on.
  • Compare his to the bat by standing a bat next to the child. The bat should reach your kid’s hip but should not exceed. If it can reach past his hip area, it is then going to be much longer to swing.
  • Weigh the bat to determine the best one as it is the contributing factor of swinging action as the bat size is a combination of height and weight in order to determine the best bat for your choice. For example, children under 24 kilos are much suitable with a bat of between 26 and 29 inches in length. If he is more than 28 kilos, then the bat should range from 28 to 32 inches long.


How to choose the correct softball bat weight

Before looking at the weights, it is also important to understand more about:

  • Bat weight is measured by drop weight or the minus.
  • Drop weight is the difference between the weight and length of the bat, if the bat is 30 inches in length, and its drop weight is -10, then the bat will weigh 20 ounces.
  • The larger the drop weight is, the lighter the softball bat will weigh.

In high school, the bats are regulated and cannot have a drop weight of more than -3.

If you are a much strong player, then we assume that you certainly want a heavier bat. However, it is not necessarily the case. We are much pretty sure that you will want to swing a bat allowing you to generate more speed amount through the zone. It can be a little difficult at the first place to find this balance, but in the long run, you will hit the ball harder and farther than you may have imagined.

After you find a baseline for the bat length, it is essential to incorporate the bat length to decide its weight. In fact, the taller child is, the longer bat should be. Your kid is not usually strong enough to use many heavy bats, so they should use a softball bat with a much larger weight drop.

It is also important to select the right balance between weight and length because of the difference in the swing physic action. For example, you may consider the following things.

  • If you select a light and long bat, you can swing it very fast but it does not have much inertia with it.
  • If you choose a heavy and short bat, then you can experience a swing at the fastest bat speed, but it also has a lot of inertia.