Reasons why parents put their faith in balance bikes


Adults do not put pedal bikes with training wheels aside without any reason. In this article, causes for their preference given to run bikes along with necessary information which your family should know in order to protect your child better will be clarified.

bike kid

What a child is more likely to get from this unique bike as a start?

The fact that pedal bikes with training wheels are gradually replaced by smart gear balance bikes is not strange in European countries, whereas this is opposite to the United States. Run bikes are highly suggested since they not only complete the task of teaching children to cycle well but also give useful lessons in rules of traffic, concentration and ability to deal with actual situations.

Children at a very young age, for example, at the age of 2, can learn how to bike with the mere assistance of a glide bike. Speaking of general psychology, if they can do something in their own, they will be very glad and satisfied with themselves. They are soon crazy about this activity.

In many places, it is a common scene that adults take a stroll around a park while their offspring ride balance bikes following them or ride at a fast pace to move forward. Besides, the idea that a child together with his family members gets around town on bikes in gorgeous afternoons never gets mundane.

Every young child learns to bike in the most relaxing way with his friends and it is effective for them to learn through observing each other. It is one of great ways to develop the child’s interaction with the surrounding world.

Balance bikes are much seen in places, such as nursery schools, theme parks, zoos and gyms. Several kindergartens now equip a range of balance bikes in outdoor classrooms for the purpose of improving children’s physical health.

Two key skills which every single young rider need to acquire are balancing and pedaling. Once a child is good at the former one, his proficiency in the latter one is no longer a challenge. At the age of about 4 or 5, kids have a smooth transition to pedal bikes due to the fact that at the time period, their physical characteristics as well as their skills are becoming more complete. They are absolutely able to ride traditional bicycles without the help of training wheels.

Things you should pay attention to for ensuring safety

It is quite frequent for us to hear questions for the safety problem; let’s take the question “what I have to do to reduce risks for my child during learning to ride a balance bike?” as an example.

When your child is on a run bike, the only way to control and stop the bicycle is to use his feet. Due to this reason, it is extremely vital that the child should place both his feet on the ground without having to lean to be able to touch it. Otherwise, it is highly possible that he falls off the bike as he loses balance while trying to stop the bike in a tiptoe position. You could buy a balance bike which saddle can be adjustable correspond to kid’s height over time.

No less importantly, you should not select a balance bike having a fully rotatable handlebar. If it is a 360-degree rotation, it may be hard for your child to control steering, especially in rough terrains.

Bear in mind that wearing a good helmet is a step to help reduce serious accidents. Perhaps your child may not be familiar with it at first; however, you will realize how important it is in the long term. When making a decision on helmet purchase, you should ask your child’s idea about color first; nevertheless, do not forget to consider which size of a helmet fits him most.


 Do not forget to wear proper helmets when riding

Furthermore, instead of letting him to wear a flip flop, you should advise him to ride a balance bike with a pair of shoes which can protect his feet from a scratch or bruise. It is also more beneficial for kids when braking if they use their feet covered by shoes. Friction is better and children are easier to stop the bike in case of slippery roads.