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There is a Bike Rack in Old Town Warrenton, Virginia!


I’ve looked high, and I’ve looked low. I’ve scouted out the Library at one end of Main Street, the post office adjacent to Third Street, and all up and down the historic district, and hadn’t seen any places dedicated to parking a bicycle. I’ve also seen a few bicycles in town, but not many parked among the shops and offices in town. I’ve also seen some complaints about parking in town, from people who work in town, and people who want to visit.

Finally, there’s talk of Warrenton buying some property behind Claire’s Depot in town, where the start of the Warrenton Greenway is located. A view of the property was featured in the local (twice-a-week) newspaper, the Faquier Times-Democrat, and in the picture was a bike rack:

A bicycle rack next to the parking lot to the Warrenton Greenway.

There has been a fair amount of research conducted about making Warrenton more bicycle and pedestrian friendly, including some serious input from both the town, the county, the Rappahannock-Rapidan Regional Commission, and the Virginia Department of Transporation (VDOT), including the following:

And not to be missed is a set of documents on the Fauquier County website:

These documents appear to have been last updated on March 12th, 2012, and have been stamped with the word “Final” on them. They are actually a pretty impressive set of documents outlining improving the safety of both pedestrians and bicyclists, adding sidewals and bike lanes, providing connections for such traffic between important sections of town. They include both fast short term improvements, and long term plans to make Warrenton a much safer place to travel on foot, and on bikes.

Given the number of homes and neighborhoods surrounding Old Town, it would be tremendous of one of the starts to all of this effort was to include more bike racks in Town, including outside of the Library, the Municipal building, the post office, and a few racks on Main Street itself, to make biking into town appear to be a more viable and reasonable option for all of the people who live nearby.

The Bike Arlington website shows off how one County in Virginia integrated biking into the live styles of many people who live and work in Arlington. I’d love to see Warrenton take some hints from what Arlington is doing. I’m especially impressed with their Bicycle Friendly Business Program.

Hope to see you at some new bike racks in town sometime very soon!

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  • Dawn

    There is a bike rack at the library—been there for years. It’s under the porch to the left of the Winchester street entrance.

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