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Warrenton Christmas Parade 2011


This morning, the Town of Warrenton started off the holidays with a parade on Main Street in Old Town. The streets were crowded with people, and there were more people marching than I anticipated. I got there a little early, before the crowds of people arrived.

This year’s parade is celebrating its 25th Anniversary, and was organized by the WOW Fauquier Woman of Wonder, and featured 82 participants, including NBC weatherman, and resident of Delaplane, Virginia, Willard Scott who hosted the event as Grand Marshall.

It was great seeing Willard Scott participating in the parade, and the community came out in full support as well, from boy scouts and girl scouts, marchers representing schools, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and churches in the area.

As I said, I arrived early, which gave me a chance to see floats being prepared, and musicians reheasing before the parade started. Even the Grinch who stole Christmas got in on the action, conducting one of the bands…

The parade was filled with people dancing and playing musical instruments, including elementary students performing on recorders, and other pipers piping.

The streets of Old Town Warrenton were filled with all kinds of music, and there were even bag pipers bag piping.

There were marchers of all shapes and sizes and ages, some in cub scout or boy scout garb and brownie and girl scout uniforms, some in band clothes, children with halos floating over their heads, and more than a few people and dogs who sprouted reindeer antlers.

Many of the businesses in Town are decorated for the Holidays, and it appears that there’s a Holiday Window contest going on, sponsored by The Partnership for Warrenton. There’s supposedly a way to vote for your favorite window display, possibly on the Partnership’s Facebook page, but I couldn’t find it.

There were a lot of Christmas wreaths around Town, and I like seeing them.

I also liked this wreath a lot. If you can, go into Old Town and check out the decorations.

There are also some fun window displays, like this reindeer:

The Christmas tree at the courthouse was really nice, too. Since it’s in front of the door to the courthouse, I’m wondering if it will be relocated after today.

Not all those who came out for the parade arrived on two legs, and this guy asked me if I would take his picture, to show his Christmas spirit.

Have a great Holiday!

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