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Warrenton Farmer's Market


Shitake Mushrooms reminded me of what I really love about Warrenton.

I’ve been going to the Warrenton Farmer’s Market the past three Saturday mornings, and today I was walking past a table which had these Shitake Mushrooms on It. I wasn’t sure what kind of mushrooms they were, and I asked. I told the vendors that I hadn’t ever seen Shitakes that fresh – only on supermarket shelves. I asked how much they were, and was told 89 cents/pound, or $14 for a bag full. I asked for just one, telling them that I just wanted to try it out in an omelet. They put two in a bag, and told me to take them – no payment required.

A couple of stalls over were some incredibly fresh vegetables. The prices aren’t necessarily less than what you might see in the grocery store, but these beets didn’t travel by truck and train to get to Warrenton, didn’t sit a warehouse for a long period of time, and haven’t likely been out of the ground all that long.

I didn’t try out any eggs from this farm, but I think I’m going to grab a mixed dozen next week. Sounds like they might make some interesting tasting omelets.

There are a number of farmers who sell flowers, and I’ve seen one of them painting watercolor cards of the flowers he brings to market. The cards are for sale, and he’s a pretty good artist. He has some great material to work with.

He looked happy to see me taking pictures of his flowers, and he even started giving some individual flowers out to people as they were walking past.

The coolers in the following image are filled with farm fresh meat of many different types, including beef, pork, and poultry.

There always seems to be a decent crowd at the market, which is great to see. If you’re in the area and you haven’t stopped by, you should check it out.

The next few shots show some of the variety to be found at the Market.

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  • I love the Farmer’s Markets here altho ours closes down end of September. Those Shitake Mushrooms look yummy. We pick Chantrelle mushrooms here and I put them in soups and stews. It’s great to support the local farmers.

  • Hi John,

    Unfortunately our local Farmers’ Markets close down this time of year, too.

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